12 Best Jobs for Foodies


If you are someone who finds solace to the challenges of life in food, then you should look at opportunities that help you make money out of it. Here are the top 12 jobs for foodies that can become a lucrative career opportunity


Besides your love for food, if you love cooking too then you should look at training as a chef. Why just sit and watch MasterChef when you can become a chef yourself? From Gordon Ramsay to Sanjeev Kapoor, several chefs inspire us to experiment in our kitchens and try out something new. You can enroll yourself anytime for a certification course and cook up a storm for a living. Becoming a chef does demand crazy hours at work, but it is worth the effort when you are doing what you love!

Food Blogger

For those who love to travel and eat, becoming a food blogger is among the best jobs for foodies. You can pack your bags and travel across the world to try out different cuisines and food items. Put your creative writing to use and describe your gastronomic experiences in words that inspire others to travel and try out your culinary experiences.

Food Critic

Food journalists are tasked with the responsibility of tasting food at restaurants, eateries, and hotels and reviewing them for the general public. If you have a strong sense of flavors and tastes and do not shy away from voicing your opinion on them, you should consider becoming a food journalist. It might take you some time to win recognition as a food critic, but you can start by winning a free meal or two from top restaurants in your city. It is definitely one of the best jobs for foodies that can play well and win you recognition.


Some live to eat and others eat to live! If you fall in the second category and watch what you eat, then consider taking up the job of a nutritionist for a career. With people across the world growing more health-conscious and seeking guidance on what to eat for a healthy lifestyle, a career as a nutritionist can be lucrative for you. You will need a certification course for this. You can opt for offline and online certificate courses these days. Becoming a nutritionist is one of the best jobs for foodies!

Food Stylist

Presentation matters! Who doesn't love a beautifully plated piece of the food item? For the hotel industry, plating and food styling are extremely important. This is the reason that hotels hire dedicated food stylist. If you have a strong aesthetic sense when it comes to plating food, becoming a food stylist is one of the best jobs for foodies!

Organic Farming

Blessed with green thumbs? Take up organic farming. It is one of the best jobs for foodies. Not only do you get the satisfaction of growing something useful and healthy, but you can travel the world and learn tricks of the trade from the masters of the game. Organic farming has a huge market these days, because of the growing demand among people for healthy, chemical-free, naturally-grown fruits, and vegetables.

Restaurant Owner

Several food lovers dream about owning a restaurant someday and wowing their customers with the culinary delights from their kitchens. Why not materialize your dream? You may not be able to set up a fancy restaurant right at the start, but what is the harm in starting with a small set-up and working towards realizing your dream? Start with a small kitchen that offers take away. You can register with food aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy to boost your sales. It is one of the best jobs for foodies as it not only lets you follow your passion but also make money out of it.

Food Truck Owner

You may not be very excited about the idea of setting up a food truck. In India, food trucks are common and you can find dozens of them selling all kinds of cuisines in popular khaogullies. But what if you could travel around the country in your food truck and serve your delicacies while on the go? Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Believe us, it is one of the best jobs for foodies!


So, you do not have the budget to set up a restaurant or a food truck. Why not take up catering for a living? Caterers needn't invest as much money as a restaurant or a food truck owner would need to. But you can still start your business by cooking food items at home and selling them to restaurants. One of the best jobs for foodies, you can also branch out as an individual and serve food to weddings, birthday parties, etc.


Baking can be a therapeutic exercise. The joy of creating the perfect cake or cookies offers immense gratification. You can create a niche line of cakes for yourself by picking up new recipes and baking them in your kitchen. Becoming a baker is one of the best jobs for foodies

Flavor Chemist

This is an interesting job and one of the best jobs for foodies. Flavor chemists extract flavors from different fruits and vegetables and infuse them in foods. If you have a scientific bent of mind and would like to focus on the research bit of food, this is the job you should take up.

Food Show Presenter

By far the best job for a foodie! We have all vied the lot of food show presenters who get to travel across the country and globe and try different kinds of foods. If you have good presentation skills and can communicate effectively, look at exploring in a career as a food show presenter.


When you turn your passion into your job, the result is immense satisfaction and happiness. Food offers immense possibilities and the best jobs for foodies who want to make a career out of their love for gastronomic experiences. So go ahead and explore your dream career!

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