8 Jobs that Can Help You Bear Fruits of Patience


All of us want to achieve something in life, but only those who approach their goal strategically and continuously hit the bull's eye. Meeting the goal takes time, effort, and persistence, it can get frustrating when you get stuck at a stage and cannot figure out what to do next. It is very important to be patient in such situations. Patience is a virtue that can help you sail through the frustrating and annoying phase while reaching your goal.

Now certain individuals are more patient by nature than others. Although to be successful you have to have a degree of patience in every profession, but some jobs can be highly profitable for patient people.


Starting your own business can be exciting, but it demands a lot of hard work and loads of patience. Right from making a business plan to arranging funds for your business to getting your first client, everything needs patience. An entrepreneur's skill is to keep planning, acting, and waiting to witness her business blossom slowly. The moment your business gets well established, you start reaping the award of your patience and hard work.

Investment Banker

Investing is nothing but analyzing the market situation and waiting patiently for the opportune moment to enter or exit the market or investing in a good business at the right time. Wealthiest investors of the world like Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn swear by the benefits of patience. So if you are a patient person who loves dealing with numbers, you should think of a future in investment banking.


Counselors deal with people having mental and emotional issues. To get to the underlying cause of the problem, they need to build trust with the clients and provide them comfort to be open. Additionally, it also takes a lot of time for a counselor to get recognized for her work, but once it is done she can make a fortune out of this career. If you think you have that level of patience in you, go ahead and help humanity.


Managers are responsible to run an organization and manage its resources. As a manager, you deal with many individuals, head a team, collaborate with other teams, conduct meetings, and do many more things. To manage all these things and to get everyone on the same page, you need to be extremely patient. It is a lot of work, but in the end, you can get paid well for this job.


Artists are passionate individuals who put their heart into their craft and aim to excel in it. There have been several remarkable artists who are known for their wonderful artwork like Beethoven, Mozart, Pablo Picasso, but to master any art form a lot of patience and dedication are required. An artist needs to keep practicing and honing her skill with patience before being known for her work. She can make a fortune with a nice piece of art.


You can get highly paid if you know how to communicate your ideas through words, engage your readers with a good entertaining piece, and can add value to the lives of your readers. Writing as a profession is very varied like there are copywriters, content writers, playwrights who make a living by writing. The amount of money they make depends on the level of their skill and to get better at it one needs to constantly practice it. Scriptwriting, film writing, and copywriting are high-paying jobs you can get as a highly-skilled writer.


It is not easy to get money out of someone’s pocket. One needs to be smart and very patient to do it. Selling something is an art. You need to invest your time in understanding your client and his needs, identify how your product can fulfill these needs, persuade the person to believe you, negotiate, and then only you can seal a deal. Some customers might not open up to you or be rude to you then also you have to politely and patiently deal with them.


Coaching can be demanding as a job because you might be a master of a sport or skill yet the person you are coaching might not be able to respond and grasp the concept with your approach. It can get frustrating. Like a good coach, you need to change your strategy and try some other method. Making someone understand the skill and keep motivated to be better at it without losing patience can make you a good coach.

We can be full of energy and enthusiasm when we start working towards a goal, but as we proceed and face challenges to accomplish it, the excitement can wear out. Then, patience becomes the key to let us endure all the hardships along the way and finally make it to the destination.

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