Best Careers If You Love History


Wise people have suggested humanity to live happily one needs to be in the present moment, neither in the past nor in the future. Then why do we study history that is a subject-centered around past events? Why waste time, energy, and resources to understand something that does not exist anymore? One may wonder.

The answer to this question is simple: to not let history repeat itself.

Life is a constant exploration. We keep experimenting with things, making mistakes, learning from them, and growing. If we are mindful of the actions that we had already taken but didn’t get desired results, we can escape making the same mistake all over again and utilize time more efficiently to reach our goal.

History helps us understand what worked or what went wrong in the past and gives us a chance for course correction. So when the wise souls shared their pearls of wisdom with us to live in the moment they didn’t advocate against studying history, they asked us not to get stuck there.

History as a subject is very intriguing and interesting and attracts a lot of students. Here are some best careers if you love history.


These are passionate individuals who breathe and live in history. The in-depth knowledge and command over the subject make them a credible source of information related to this field. Historians dedicate their lives to study the subject. Post-doctorate degree and research around a chosen topic are essential to be a historian that needs to be published. So if you are a history lover, you can look at being a historian.

School Teachers:

If you are a patient person who wants to lay a solid foundation for children for them to like history as much as you do, become a history teacher.

For teaching history to school children, one needs to have at least a graduation degree in the subject along with a Bachelor of Education degree.

College Professor:

You can become a college professor specializing in history. History can be a boring subject if not taught with creativity. Students need to have a good professor who can motivate them to ask the right questions and look at the right places to have answers.

To be a college professor you need to have a Master's degree in History and also need to qualify the NET examination, which is held twice a year.

Civil Servant:

History is a popular choice among civil service aspirants as it is interesting and easy to comprehend. History is asked in both preliminary and mains examination. Besides opting for this subject as your optional paper you would be asked questions based on history in General Studies paper also.

So if you are a history graduate, there are good chances for you to make it as a civil servant with the right attitude, effective time management, and strategy.


This is another career option for passionate individuals who want to go beyond the books and understand history closely on the field. Archaeologists are specialists who study ancient structures, scriptures, artifacts, and different sites found on excavation. If you are an individual who is curious to explore and discover the past at length, this can be the right profession for you.


If besides being a history lover communicating effectively with people is your strength you should consider a career in journalism. You can engage the public with your interesting stories and simultaneously help them learn about history and culture. A Bachelor’s degree or Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication can get you this job.


You can share your love for history with others through words. To be an author you don’t need a degree; although having one will always be beneficial; you just have to have good written communication skills, extensive knowledge of the subject, and a lot of motivation and discipline to constantly work on your creation.


As a history lover, you can build a career in museology also. If you are an organized individual, you would be a perfect fit for a museum. Your passion for history would make you an ideal candidate to be a museum curator, designer, and manager. A Bachelor's Degree in History with an internship in any of the museum will help you kickstart a career in the field.


History teaches us about the past, helps us avoid making mistakes in the present and lets us proceed into a more promising future. This subject is full of stories of heroes who made their mark in time by their deeds and also with others who tarnished their image because of their unthoughtful actions.

Several times it has happened in the past that a person was about to make a breakthrough, but could not do it because of making a wrong move. A comprehensive and detailed study of history can always provide us with valuable insights, it can prove to be a big lesson for all of us to learn from and keep bettering ourselves.


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