Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs of the Future

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The world is a different place today. The effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on the job market causes a big change. Businesses have now moved on to the digital platform because of safety issues and social distancing norms. This has completely altered the required skill sets of the workforce that will take on jobs in the years to come. This requires each of us to improve working skills and get tips to manage the risk of job loss
Here’s a look at the top 10 most in-demand jobs of the future:

Software Engineers

Most interactions – personal and professional are happening in the digital space now. From one-to-one conversations to web conferences, the professional world has moved big time into the digital space.  Software engineers will be in demand globally because of the need for system administrators, software application developers and IT team managers who can administrate this new form of business.

Cyber Security Professionals

With more engagements and transactions online, the need for cybersecurity is growing. Cybersecurity professionals will be in demand in the future. Organization – both private and government – will need hackers and cybersecurity professionals to secure their information and data from unethical hackers.

Healthcare Professionals

The pandemic has increased the need for healthcare infrastructure and healthcare professionals. As the pandemic worsened across the globe, the need for more healthcare professionals emerged, people need more knowledge about healthcare during the pandemic. The pandemic has shown the world that every economy needs strong medical infrastructure and workforce to survive challenging times such as these. In the wake of the pandemic, the demand for healthcare professionals is set to increase by several times.


Teachers will be in great demand in the years to come. As the pandemic has changed the normal life that we all were used to, there is a need for effective communicators to teach young minds about the new norm of life. It is important to teach young children about the importance of hygiene, personal safety, and social distancing. The role of teachers is critical in the chain of information sharing and this will trigger the demand for skilled and knowledgeable teachers in the future.

Financial Consultants

Businesses and professionals are facing an economic setback that is unprecedented and will have several repercussions in the years coming ahead. The following years will need a lot of financial planning among working professionals and businesses. This will result in a spark in demand of financial consultants such as investment bankers, chartered accountants, policy advisors, etc.

Environment Health Specialists

The environment has borne the brunt of irresponsible human interference for several decades now. The awareness among the youth across the globe is greater than ever about the safety and conservation of the environment. The increasing awareness level and the need to safeguard the environment from further damage will lead to an increase in jobs for environmental specialists. Jobs related to the environment are increasingly born.  

Even the corporate and government sectors will need environmental health experts who can advise on environmentally sound actions.

Sales Jobs

As the market bounces back to normalcy, sales will pick up. This will open up several opportunities for employment in the sales departments of companies. People with good communication skills, the power to convince about the utility of a product, the drive to achieve targets will suit best for a sales job. Positions for sales professionals, sales executives and sales directors will soon see a surge in demand in the near future.


While the pandemic has forced people to stay at home and work and caused the loss of jobs to several people, it has taught the world the art of multi-tasking and independence. A lot of professionals have ventured out as independent consultants during the pandemic. Consultants on the environment, health, communication, finances, etc. will see a surge in demand in the coming years. Companies will prefer hiring individual consultants over full-fledged firms keeping the economic implication in mind.


Engineers will see a plethora of options opening up for them in the coming years. Engineers can play a vital role in manufacturing medical devices, technology to support research and development, use Artificial Intelligence for different sectors. The pandemic has shown the world that by combining medical and engineering skills, the world can be a better and safer world. The job roles of engineers are going to be challenging and exciting in the times ahead. Engineers will have to upskill themselves by diversifying and adding new skills to their technical degrees.

Management Professional

There will be a surge in mid-level management positions in the near future. As the workforce increases, there will be an increase in the requirement for managers who can handle the taskforce and ensure the smooth functioning of the business.


The way the world functions has changed for the good. The pandemic has redefined job roles. While on one hand it has crippled economies by forcing lockdowns, it has also opened up opportunities to a new and redefined future. Keeping these best 10 Jobs that will be in most demand in the future, you can plan your higher studies and career path.

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