Top 18 Happiest Jobs in The World


The definition of a happy job can vary from person to person. We’ve all been in the situation of looking at someone else’s job and wishing ours was half as interesting. Never mind! Here’s a look at the top 18 happiest jobs in the world!

Chocolate consultant:

This is one of the best and happiest jobs in the world. This is a dream job for anyone with the slightest craving for chocolates. Chocolate has been linked to some of the “feel good” chemicals in our brains and It is interesting to note that women, in general, have stronger senses of smell than men, and therefore may be more suited to this job. Women under the age of 35 seem to have stronger senses of smell than their older counterparts, indicating that sense of smell may decline over time.

Beer Tasters:

This profession may not excite everyone, but many breweries hire technologists to assess the quality of their drink before it floods the market. A person should have an adept palate to pursue this profession. Beer tasters definitely have the happiest job in the world!

Food critic:

Now, this is literally food for thought profession. Food critics can have a significant impact on the success of a restaurant. Their job is to evaluate the food served. They consider several variables, such as how it's presented and how it tastes. They also provide their perspective on the service they receive in the restaurant, the restaurant's atmosphere, and other factors that may influence a person's choice of a restaurant, such as a cost. Some food critics try to maintain anonymity so that they have an unfiltered dining experience. Being able to travel the world and taste different cuisines is most definitely one of the happiest jobs in the world!


This profession provides you with a sense of relief and happiness, as you are working to make the world a greener and a better place to inhabit. The sense of gratification of being able to contribute to the well-being of the planet makes this job one of the happiest jobs in the world.


This job involves saving the lives of many people. People respect and admire firefighters for their bravery. People love to become a firefighter and are satisfied to work for this job. Although risky, being a fire-fighter is one of the happiest jobs in the world as it allows you to save lives and contribute meaningfully to society.

Physical therapist:

A physical therapist job involves meeting people and involves a lot of social interaction. People who work as a therapist are generally satisfied and happy to pursue their jobs.


There are a certain satisfaction and happiness associated with books, especially when you have written one yourself. Though the pay is relatively low, the happiness of being an author and writing out what pops up in his mind is exceptional. The joy of being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings through words with the world makes the job of an author one of the happiest jobs in the world.

Kindergarten teacher:

The pay can be low when it comes to being a kindergarten teacher as it involves shaping the career of small children. The job of a kindergarten teacher is essential and most of them love their jobs.


Artists bring out their thoughts on the canvas and sculptures. They are passionate about their profession and are quite happy to do their job. 

Veterinary jobs:

If you are passionate about animals and their welfare, then there is no happier job for you. The technicians and technologists at veterinary hospitals treat and serve the infected and wound animals which are a service for the animals and that offers them job satisfaction.

Music director:

With so many jobs which we love to do, a music director is a type of field where the music director brings out happiness and joy in the form of music.

Music directors work individually or in orchestras, churches, schools, and more where they don’t get high pay but are satisfied and happy with what they do as an occupation.


It has been a passion for many who loved photography to opt for this profession. Photography is a profession which admires and enjoys each scene that happens in front. Even if the pay is low, photography is one of the happiest jobs in the world.


The field of psychologists also proves that the professionals are happy to do their job and gratified as they meet various people from a different category.

The main motive here is that they can solve other issues in many cases. They are able to read the psychology of others and so psychologists love their job and happy to work for it.


They have the freedom in their work to design their thoughts and bring them to light. In that manner, designer jobs are one category of jobs that is loved by many people as a profession.

CAD/3D Modeler:

A CAD/3D modeler is one kind of job category where prototypes are to be designed and the present designs are to be enhanced and improved.

People can put forward their ideas and thoughts in such kind of work. In this way, the freedom to work according to their thoughts is possible and so many people love this job.

Quality analyst:

Recent surveys have found that quality analysts have been rated high in terms of satisfaction factors.

Quality analysts’ jobs are rated high as they get the chance to work with colleagues, and bosses with independence.


People who love to explore and get beyond boundaries are ones who jump into the research field.

They try to bring something new and innovative or enhance an already existing innovation, in that manner people in the research sector love their jobs and are happy to accomplish it for its freedom and urge to find something new.

Team leader:

They like the position as a leader and controlling the complete team.

They enjoy the way tasks are delegated and monitoring the whole team. The work completed and succeeded as a team is another aspect, where people love to work in a team. 


No job in the world is good or bad. The experience is what we make it to be with our thoughts and actions. However, to find which happiest job in the world suits you, follow your heart. There is nothing that makes the heart happier than making it do what it wants!

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